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В Подмосковье музыка громко играла, Двое решили всё начать с...

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While outside in the quiet dawn, And on the seven hills it was cork, 8 points. In Moscow music playing loudly. The two decided to start all over again. On the floor lay a blanket. The case remained for small. She said something, we had a long laugh. And I would like this to continue. She — my drug, and I missed it. I wanted her out of my head, and she tried. At work she was late. So strange osoznovat, as far as I need it. Am I so depend on it as well? Anyway, I mean, I lost in the numbers: When the quarrel, reconciled, and when hovered over.

But for her, uncle Gough ready to score on all of its principles. I can apologize all day and night, crawling on his knees in front of her. Patsy, I worried terribly when she is in a bad mood. It is not as if I was needed. I was glad to see the front of her eyes. Being single or break the fate of this blonde. The last time it happened like a house of cards. Here it is a choice to be with those you care about Or let thoughts like gunpowder. You know how it is necessary, and it seemed ready But in the eyes of her drowning, biting her lips to the blood.

Silently I drink tea, Hawa bagel. She cries at night, and that love is ruining it. Boombox radio cuts out something janitors. I poke a finger in a button — part of the sentence. She would cry, but then — will be fine. So strange love — the eternal filth. You forgive me, the sun, but you must leave. Phrases like needles — sitting deep in the head. You see how the past is carried away by the wind; And this does not on its own, and winter in the heart.

How strange love — is gentle stuff.

В Подмосковье музыка громко играла, Двое решили всё начать с начала.Я терпеть не могу когда она злится, но, Ради неё дядя Guf готов забить на все свои принципы. Могу извинятся круглые сутки, ползать перед ней на коленях, Пацы я парюсь жутко, когда она в плохом.

You replaced my friends and acquaintances; And I forgave you a different shit. I asked to pick up from the airport. Hide the speed in feet of the city. Clothing at the threshold, the sweat, the quiet whisper — Above us the ceiling of my room. Turn off the sound of your phone. Pretty cheerful lingerie tasteful. Through curtains Moonlight falls patterns. And I thought, I want to see you more often. I realized — is: You become obsessive idea, sorry, But it is unlikely you will hear on TV.

We — a couple, that again! Just hold me tight and hold on! Traps that we weave — do not be concerned. Over time — they get them!

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Вот ради этого восторженного выдоха хочется продолжать. Первую вещь из коллекции, колье, купили еще до того, как она была закончена. Красили, подбирали песок для обработки золота, затем покрывали его разными... Читать дальше...

CENTR - Виражи

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